Councilor at-Large pledges to connect Old and New Boston

The Globe caught up with me on the campaign trail this past weekend as I met with residents across the city. 

It was going to be another long Saturday. And Flaherty was just getting started.

As the SUV drifted into Grove Hall, Flaherty asked about Minister Don Muhammad, the local Nation of Islam leader and a neighborhood fixture who had been ill. Soon, Flaherty was on the phone.

“Minister Don,’’ he said. “How are you feeling?”

Flaherty, a gray-haired, 46-year-old lawyer and father of three, is on a quest to secure another stint on the council, saying he is staying focused on issues that matter to his constituents.

“I occupy an important space on the Boston City Council,’’ he said. “I’m the bridge between the old Boston and new Boston. I’m also a bridge between the newer and more senior councilors.”

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